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Inspired Cycling is your dedicated professional bike fitting studio providing the highest level of customer service. If cycling is your lifestyle choice, then with over 30 years of cycling experience, allow us to help and advise you to become the rider you aspire to be. With our ethical philosophy, we will help you optimise the equipment you already own and aim to maximise your potential by offering a range of products that will enhance your performance. Inspired Cycling supplies a range of the leading ergonomically designed components including shoes, wedges, insoles, socks, saddles, handlebars and nutrition and recovery products.

With our experienced, personalised and bespoke service, we dedicate our time to meeting your needs and enabling you to achieving your goals whether you are a Road Racer, Time Trialist, Tri-athlete, Mountain Biker, Sportive Rider or a Beginner.


At Inspired Cycling we have focused our time and resources researching the best available equipment. That is why we have trained with RETUL on their innovative and market leading 3D Motion Analysis measuring system. We use our knowledge of Biomechanics to help improve posture to increase performance and reduce injury. Our certified Retul fitters leave you with the perfect bike fit.


Inspired Cycling is the exclusive dealer and distributor of TESCHNER carbon fibre frames and bikes in the UK and Ireland.

Purchase a first class Teschner custom built bike from Inspried Cycling and we will give you a free Retul fitting to ensure you get the best size and components you deserve.

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Teschner SL9
Teschner SL7
Teschner 703 Aero
Teschner 703 Track

Inspired Cycling
Inspired Cycling

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