At Inspired Cycling we offer a unique & outstanding service to all our customers. We are delighted to talk to you about your cycling needs, whether you are an experienced cyclist, a Triathlete, mountain biker, road racer, Sportive rider or even if you are new to the sport. We promise not to blind you with science and technical jargon, but instead we will give you straight forward and friendly advice with products that we believe are right for you and your budget.

Our bike fitting service examines the rider as a whole and takes into account the following;

  • knee angles at particular stages of the pedal revolution,
  • torso angles,
  • handlebar height,
  • saddle position,
  • weight distribution,
  • aerodynamics,
  • foot assessment,
  • bespoke shoe fit and cleat placement
  • insoles, wedges, cleat adjustments and levels.

These factors and many others are used to gain performance advantage and increase comfort over long rides. Taking into consideration hip, knee and ankle alignment as well as foot posture allows us to make the necessary adjustments to turn you into a more efficient rider whilst reducing pain and discomfort.

Inspired Cycling is passionate about cycling and bicycles. More bikes and cyclists mean healthier and more active lifestyles - that's why we want to awaken the cyclist in everyone! We aim to stimulate motivation and provide the advice and backup to allow you to achieve your cycling goals.

Chris McCann


Chris McCann | Manager
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Inspired Cycling

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