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At Inspired Cycling we have focused our time and resources researching the best available equipment. That is why we have trained with RETUL on their innovative and market leading 3D Motion Analysis measuring system. We use our knowledge of Biomechanics to help improve posture to increase performance and reduce injury. Our certified Retul fitters leave you with the perfect bike fit.

Our bike fit service looks at the rider as a whole and will take into account everything from knee angles at particular stages of the pedal revolution, torso angles, handlebar height, to saddle position, weight distribution and aerodynamics. Foot assessment, bespoke shoe fit and cleat placement. Insoles, wedges, cleat adjustments and levels can all be used to gain both performance advantage and increase comfort over those long rides. Taking into account Hip, Knee and Ankle alignment as well as foot posture allows us to make small adjustments to make you a more efficient rider whilst reducing related pain and discomfort.

We are passionate about cycling and bicycles. More bikes and cyclists mean healthier and more active lifestyles- that's why we want to awaken the cyclist in everyone, stimulate motivation and provide the advice and backup to allow you achieve your goals.

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