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When Inspired Cycling  first started we promised to bring the very latest technologies in bike fitting to our customers. To this end we are delighted to announce our partnership with German fitting specialist gebioMized®!

gebioMized® are the world’s leading company dealing with ‘FORCE and PRESSURE’ measurement. This technology allows in depth studies of the main contact points: saddle, shoes, pedals, handlebars and arm pads, when riding your bike. From the studies it is then possible to set these major contact points to a position that optimises efficiency, performance and comfort.

Once again Inspired Cycling is the market leader in bike fitting, the first in the UK to have such technology and delighted to be appointed as gebioMized® official ‘Reference Lab’ for Ireland.

We can now also offer solutions to age old problems of what saddle to use, shoe type and size and whether an insole is necessary. We will be happy to try different saddle types with our customers to show what fits them best to support and stabilize the sit bones and pelvis. Sometimes the standard market leading saddles and shoes just don’t suit a rider with issues such as leg length discrepancies, pelvis tilts, pelvic asymmetry and back pain. We can now offer custom saddles and insoles created from data captured while riding your bike. Not only can this be done in the comfort of our studio but we can also offer ‘on the road’ analysis to replicate real time racing. gebioMized® technology is the first to utilize ‘real time’ bike fitting on the road, we could even follow you during a race to capture the information.

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