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RIDE Issue 50

Peter Teschner's latest offering is quite the slick machine with 1k carbon weave over the external coverings. This leaves nothing but a smooth wax-like coating over the entire frame. It feels similar to a Focus featured in RIDE #49 and is easy to keep clean. The tubing is made from high modulus carbon-fibre, which is pretty standard these days. It's got plenty of impact resistance and accordingly if the Euro Pro (previous model) was anything to go by it should be fairly compliant during the abrupt impacts. However, the SL9 is no Euro Pro.

Having ridden both frames, Toby says this one is really for the rider who wants a light package that will steer exactly where they want it to go. Direct and without hesitation is how the SL9 wants to be ridden. This is the latest race bike from Teschner and the company is so protective of the characteristics that the head angle is not included on the geometry "race-tuned" chart.

You will just have to take our word for it. This is no toy to be played around with. Get out and rail one today.

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