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Like everyone else we found it quite difficult to produce a better frame than others. So what did Peter Teschner finally do, to be that "one step ahead"?

"You study the competition in every detail, you listen, you read, you intensive research, use wind tunnels, engineers and designers with years of experience and proven qualifications and apply nearly 20 years of custom frame design and practical hands on building experience that has also gained you respect from the World's best riders."

The 703 Track bike is the result of all of these processes as well as the input of our valued dealers, distributors, customers, Pro Riders and their bike mechanics. We also designed the 703 to not only fit you perfectly, but styling was an important factor for us... We wanted to ensure that not only did you go faster than ever - that you looked good, that the two blended as one.

Performance, handling and state of the art materials are all go fast factors built into this frame along with our Race Proven Geometry. We designed the frame to perform on the track by incorporating an eccentric BB shell to allow for a 65mm BB drop for the road and 55mm for the track. The 703 is the first frame ingeniously designed from the ground up for both road and track unlike a number of our top end competitors who adapt their aero road designs to the track. Our international patent pending "airflow trip technology" has been developed to improve airflow and reduce turbulence.

At the heart of this design masterpiece is high modulus carbon fibre, all laid according to hours of FEA design analysis, hours of wind tunnel testing, countless repetitious cycles of in-house mechanical testing that pushed the frame to its limits until we were satisfied that we had a frame of exceptional quality and a product with a weight to stiffness ratio that surpasses current offerings in the market.

The Result

The result, after 18 months of countless variations, designs, ideas and testing is a bike, which will go beyond all you have ever expected... and that's what sets TESCHNER bikes apart from all their competitors.

Technical Specification

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Inspired Cycling

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