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Enter the high-end road bicycle SL9. We studied what the market was demanding, added our own technological innovations and embraced a totally new build process. We adopted the latest consumer driven trends and kept some of the more established and traditional ones...and the SL9 was created. In the SL9 you will see a totally different approach to chain stay design than used in the past in the TESCHNER range.

The carbon we use for the SL9 is hot and cold pressed processed. In fact we are so particular - we asked our supplier to produce the carbon fiber to our own specs, rather than buying off the roll production carbon as most manufacturers do. The SL9 is always finished in 1K, which is of the best of carbon fiber qualities as it has a very fine weave (versus traditional UniDirectional carbon). 1K carbon leaves a very flat surface that requires very little - or even no re-working, before painting or clear coating. TESCHNER has deliberately left out an additional layer for diamond pattern finish, which is used by many others, but has no measurable effect on stability or ride quality.

The chains stays are massive and are coupled to a larger down tube along with slightly curved and slender seat stays. Up front you will also see a massive head tube that accepts the Zero Stack headset. The larger head tube allowed us to stiffen up the front end without compromising the already proven TESCHNER bikes handling characteristics.

The construction process for the SL9 has evolved over the past 3 years as a result of intense research & development by Peter Teschner and his engineers. The dropout, chain stay and reinforced BB shell, along with seat tube and down tube extensions are moulded as one piece to form the heart of what makes this road bike technically exceptional. A key factor to reach this target can be found in special shapes for some of the tube construction. Our tubes can withstand extreme longitudinal loads in critical situations - but at the same time absorb shocks from rough roads, lowering your comfort and potentially affecting your vertebral column and/or cervical.

We bond and re-mould a one piece down tube, head tube and top tube into place giving an extremely stiff, reliable and light frame. The entire construction of the SL9 enables the rider to transfer his wattage output onto the road at a 1:1 ratio.

The Result

Responsive, light, smooth, goes around corners like it is on rails, no delay out of corners when the power is applied, climbs like there is nothing under you. In the SL9 there are no compromises, a blend of the old and the new. We are so convinced of our new flagship and our design philosophy that we will continue to offer our 100 Year Warranty and 50% Crash & Accident Replacement Policy.

Technical Specification

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