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In the event that a customer believes that they have a possible warranty claim they must first contact TESCHNER for a Return Authorization Number (RAN). Please contact

On the receipt of the RAN, the customer can then send the frameset (frame + fork) to TESCHNER or take the bike to an authorized TESCHNER Expert for inspection.

Upon receipt of the frameset, TESCHNER will decide within 48 hours if the claim is accepted and then decide on repair or replacement. In the event that TESCHNER determines that the product is to be replaced, a new product of similar model and value (depending on availability) will be forwarded within 14 days of the receipt of the product under claim. If TESCHNER determines that a repair is the chosen option there is usually a 4 - 6 week period of repair. In this case, whilst we cannot guarantee it, we will endeavour to supply a product to use in the interim.

Please read our Warranty Policy for further details:



Each TESCHNER bicycle frame and products are warranted by TESCHNER against defects in workmanship and materials for as long as the frame is owned by the original owner valid from the day of purchase, excluding paint & decals. This covers ALL bicycle frame models TESCHNER offers. We reserve the right to repair damaged frames and forks or replace them with a new model.

The warranty does not extend to other manufacturers' products installed or used in the final product nor any consequential damage sustained to other parts, equipment, P & A, clothing, shoes, gloves and the like. Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by incorrect use, e.g. wilful neglect (lack of care or maintenance), crashing and over loading as well as manipulation of the frame or fork by means of adding or changing additional components. In case of jumps and other abuses of any kind there is no claim under warranty.

TESCHNER does not warrant against damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper assembly, improper maintenance, over tightening screws and bolts outside of recommended tolerances (causing damage to the frame), or installation of parts and accessories not originally intended for use with or compatible with the frame or bicycle sold.

TESCHNER does not warrant against damage for failure of TESCHNER bicycle products caused by accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. In cases where damage or failure to a registered bike is accidental, please refer to the terms and conditions of the TESCHNER Crash, Accidental & Theft Replacement program.

Any modifications to the frame or components or incorrect maintenance shall void this warranty.

All claims under this warranty must be made through TESCHNER or an authorised TESCHNER Dealer. Claims will be processed only after provision by the claimant to TESCHNER of proof of purchase and prior completion of the TESCHNER Product Registration. Product Registration must be completed and returned to TESCHNER 30 days after purchase. Failure to register may render your warranty claim invalid.

Purchasing products directly through TESCHNER or an authorised Dealer is your assurance of original TESCHNER quality. TESCHNER products purchased through any channel other than direct from TESCHNER or an authorised Dealer are not covered by the TESCHNER Warranty.

Subject to the laws of your jurisdiction which prevail over the terms of this warranty, TESCHNER shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages suffered including those caused to other manufacturers' products installed on your bicycle either at the time of purchase or later installed.

This warranty does not cover labour charges or parts and parts changeover or replacements or freight to and from the TESCHNER Head Office or to and from an authorised TESCHNER Dealer, or to and from a TESCHNER International Distributor. Freight costs, labour etc is the responsibility of the owner of the TESCHNER Product subject to a warranty claim. This is the only warranty entitlement.

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