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Stijn EnnekensStijn Ennekens - Teschner Test Team rider, Belgium

A few years ago I was riding with the Unibet.Com team and Willems Veranda's. I had won something around 85 to 90 races.

I was contacted by Teschner, Europe, as they wanted me to be part of the new test team which they were organising as a testing ground for their bikes. I was very pleased to be involved in the development of their carbon frames and since then I've been riding the TESCHNER SL9. My first experiences with the SL9 frame were magnificent. I've been riding lots of other frames before, big brands as well, but I've never felt anything like I did on my first Teschner training ride. So stiff and so light... I could really feel the difference. I felt my power was being transmitted to the pedals efficiently and I wasn't pushing my frame from side to side. I was convinced immediately that with this bike, I could sprint even faster than I already could.

Inspired Cycling
Inspired Cycling

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