Retul - 3D Custom Fitting


When a rider arrives for his or her fit they will be greeted and their bike taken and set on the Cyclops Powerbeam Pro Trainer. The rider then fills in a form taking their details highlighting any problems or pain they experience. Next step is the rider undergoes a series of physical tests and examinations to allow us establish any issues that may be causing problems and identify areas of physical improvement.

The rider is then starts a warm up on the trainer, once completed the fitter will them place 8 markers on strategic locations on the anatomy. These are placed on both the left and right sides and allow for the systems LED harness to be fixed. The rider then starts to ride at a pre determined power output and during this time the data is captured for initial readings. This is repeated on both left and right sides.

From the data the fitter with then make the necessary adjustments to the bike and the rider will then repeat the ride. This time several data captures will be taken at different power outputs to see if the rider is coping well at different stress levels.

All the data captured enables the fitter to make adjustments to the bike and shoe cleats. Where required shoe wedges and insoles can be used to create a stable foot bed to improve the lateral movement of the knees and therefore increase power transmission to the pedals.

When we are happy with the adjustments and the new data the bike fitting is complete. The bike is then measured using the 'Zin' tool to create a digitised image of the bike for future reference.

A report from the fitting will be compiled and sent to you for your information.

The fitting process normally takes between 2-3 hours

The Retul Process


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