Our Story

Having started racing in 1978 and then spending time racing in France in 1986, my team and roommate came from a Dutch family steeped in cycling history with a particular interest in bike fitting. He worked with me to improve my position and I quickly saw the benefits. This sparked my life long quest to understand the science of bike fitting. To this end I studied Human Science and Biomechanics to give me a greater understanding of how the body works and performs. Bike fitting was in the early stages of development and I was lucky to be involved with the technological growth over the years.

The recent increased interest in cycling enabled me to take my bike fitting full time in 2008 and Inspired Cycling was born. I was the first fitter to bring 3D motion capture and force and pressure mapping to Ireland through our partners at Retul and Gebiomized. Our very latest technology came in 2016 with BioRacer’s virtual wind tunnel testing. This means we have the technology to investigate everything involved in a comprehensive bike fit.

Todd Carver, one of the founding members of Retul.

Pictured with Todd Carver, one of the founding members of Retul.


Today you will still find me out on the road and in the races and I am always happy to take time to talk to anyone(enthusiasts or professionals) about their cycling.

In my quest for continuous improvement I have ventured far and wide – both travelling and thinking outside the box. Along the way I have been fortunate to meet and work with many of the legends in bike fitting.

I aim to put my experiences and learning to use helping you to unlock your cycling potential.