Bike Fitting

BioRacer Aero Testing

BioRacer Aero Testing

If you’re happy with your bike position but want to investigate your aero position and equipment this fitting is perfect for you.

Bioracer’s virtual wind tunnel will help make improvements to frontal area and reduce rider drag(cdA) with real time feedback via watts gained. Once the optimised position has been found a test ride can be set to try the new position.

How much does Aero Performance Testing cost?

The Aero Performance testing costs £99.

How long does the Aero Performance testing take?

Aero Performance testing takes 1hour 30minutes.

What do I bring with me to the bike fitting?

Please bring your Bicycle(s), Cycling Shorts, Cycling Shoes to the bike fitting appointment. Plus any equipment you would like to test such as Helmets, Skinsuits, Overshoes etc.