Bike Fitting

Enthusiast Bike Fit

Enthusiast Bike Fit

We want every cyclist to feel comfortable on their bikes, but we understand that when you are only starting you just want to get going. That’s why we offer the enthusiast bike fit, a cheaper way to get comfortable on your bike and get you on your path to some happy miles. We use our years of experience and some technology to cover all the basic elements of a bike fit. 

*This bike fittting option is not available for Time Trial Bikes.

How much does the Enthusiast bike fit cost?

The Enthusiast bike fitting cost £75.

How long does the Enthusiast bike fit take?

The Enthusiast bike fit takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Will I get my cleats set during the Enthusiast bike fit?

Yes, during the Enthusiast bike fit the cleats are set up.

Can I bring more than one bike with me to be fitted?

Yes, you can bring more than one bike with you to be fitted. Please ensure the tell us that you are bringing more than one bike to the fitting before your appointment. Each additional bikes costs £50.

Do I get my Bike scan and my measurements after the bike fit??

No, this information is not included with the Enthusiast bike fit. We can provide this information for an additional £25.

Will the Enthusiast bike fit fix all of my issues?

The Enthusiast bike fit provides a good starting point. We cannot promise that we will fix all of your problems without using all of our technology but we will be giving you a good baseline to hopefully prevent any further issues.

What do I bring with me to the bike fitting?

Please bring your Bicycle(s), Cycling Shorts, Cycling Shoes to the bike fitting appointment.