Bike Fitting



Sports Massage

Sports massage treatments are a great way of maximising recovery, preventing injury and improving performance. We offer Sports Massage alongside our bike fitting services to help find and eliminate any niggles in the riders legs or back before they become more serious. Why not get a Massage while you are here for your fit to get the most out of your visit with us!

Cost: £25/£30
Duration: 45 minutes/ 1 Hour

Shoe/Cleat Fitting

Using the latest morphological fitting equipment, have your feet measured correctly by taking anatomical measurements and then transferring these measurements across to your preferred shoe and cleat.

Cost: £30
Duration: 30 minutes

Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Testing

If you’re having problems getting comfortable on your saddle or have bought several saddles to try solve the problem this is prefect for you. Using gebioMized’s pressure mapping, different saddles can be tested and set to find the perfect fit for you. This is the most accurate way to match rider and saddle. Test saddles can be provided during the fitting process.

Cost: £60
Duration: 1 hour

Follow up Bike Fit

The follow up appointment is for customers who have had a Classic Retul, Performance or Aero performance bike fit. This fit is for anyone who needs further adjustment due to changes in their circumstances or if they have made changes to their equipment.

Cost: from £75, dependent on level of fit.
Duration: 1 hour

Custom Insoles

Our heat mouldable insoles are the ultimate Foot Bed to suit your foot whilst Cycling. Firstly, the insole trimmed to suit the interior of your shoe, this is very important because the formed insole may be distorted by trying to force the finished mould into the shoe.
The trimmed insole is heated until supple, then inserted into the shoe where the rider then tightens the shoe and then begins to cycle, this allows the insole to cure around the foot under real time forces. This creates the perfect insole to provide the rider more comfort and more stability. 

Cost: £55