gebioMized Area Saddle

gebioMized Area Saddle

No matter if on really long rides like a Granfondo or just the nice getaway in the evening: If you’re going with the comfort first approach,  gebioMized Area is your weapon of choice. With it’s curved design it’s determined for cyclists with good flexibility who are looking for a large base. As well as it’s “sleaker” brother, Area also comes in two specific shapes for different loading types. Typically, this saddle is pretty popular amongst female riders. But we got word from many renowned bike fitters around the world, that they keep finding male cyclists who are feeling more comfortable on the Area. At the end your personal comfort is key.

Sleak or Area? V-Shape or T-Shape? Relief Channel or Cut-Out? Please speak with us, to identify your personal loading type and find your optimal gebioMized saddle in a saddle fit session together with our experts.

Price: £159.00

Brand: gebioMized