Bioracer Aero

We make you faster!

We create our own virtual wind tunnel by placing our Bioracer Aero webcam in front of the rider when riding on a turbo trainer to allow for different test positions. Whilst riding we receive live feedback on your aerodynamic posture. We can track your optimal aerodynamic position and test various positions and equipment.

By measuring your frontal surface when you are tucked into your current position the amount of watts you have to maintain a certain (hypothetical) speed in this position is calculated. Real time information and data on this position is logged (watts and frontal surface area), when the rider position is adjusted the information feedback is instant showing the difference and allowing other changes to be tested. This is the perfect tool to find the riders optimised aerodynamic position on the bike.

Training mode

Once we have found the optimised aerodynamic riding position of the cyclist it is then important to carry out tests to see if the position is sustainable during an effort. This can be done by using rider data such as functional threshold power (FTP) and allow the rider ride in their new position. The rider will see an outline of the position on screen and attempt to stay within the silhouette.  This mode will show that the position is sustainable and also teaches the rider how to maintain the position when producing max power.  This will enhance muscle memory and allows the rider adapt to the position naturally.

During your training the contour fitting technology will give you livestream visual feedback on your current position compared to the optimised position. Moreover, a graph will update you during the training on the amount of time you stayed in your optimised position. You can even choose your own training zones which will be shown in the graph as well.

Once you have finished your fitting and training a report is produced to provide detailed aerodynamic results on your session.

To give you an idea, lowering the frontal area by 0.05sqm(this is easy to achieve) for 10 seconds in a 40km race will make you 1 second faster at 40km/h.