Our Approach

Our approach to our bike fit business is to put our customers first and give them the best service available. To this end we have the best technology, training and experience on offer. Training has taken me to Retul’s HQ in Boulder, Colorado where I had the pleasure of being trained by one of Retul’s 3D motion creator's, Todd Carver. Several trips to gebioMized’s offices in Munster, Germany has given me an extensive knowledge of their force and pressure mapping system resulting in Inspired Cycling becoming a gebioMized Reference Lab and a member of the Secret Saddle Club, with the ability to create both custom saddles and footbeds. The most recent training was carried out with BioRacer (Belgium) with their Virtual Wind-Tunnel, Aero testing equipment. We are also qualified members of the International School of Cycling Optimisation (ISCO). Our training continues!

The technology we use allows us to measure rider’s biomechanics’ and study their anatomy. Initial questioning and body assessment will highlight injuries and problems the rider may be facing. Our holistic approach allows us to access rider symmetry, balance and poise, all vital factors in achieving the best possible results. We use bilateral measurements of your body whilst riding getting biomechanical and anatomical data as most cyclists and humans have symmetry problems in general. This approach allows for the fit results to be individual to you. During the fitting we will also advise on other aspects that will influence your performance from training, nutrition and stretching, all these will help you understand the best approach for you to decide how you will adapt and make personal changes to become a better cyclist. We aim to educate, raise self-awareness and inspire anyone riding a bike.

A Bike Fit is normally carried out on the rider's own bike but we also have the ability to measure independently using our cycle jig. We are happy to discuss and advise our customers on potential independent purchases. Anything we don’t know we can refer to our list of professional partners who will have the answer.

Inspired Cycling is also a fully equipped cycle workshop, this enables us to make the changes to your bike during the fitting and if needed make modification to saddles, bars, stems etc. We have a large stock of components that may be needed during the fitting to make the changes; we also sell these at very competitive prices in line with most online stores. Once the fitting is complete your bike will be double checked and every nut and bolt torqued to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

With our friendly and professional service we have found great customer satisfaction and loyal customers who are happy to recommend our services to their friends and colleagues.