Colnago V3R-S

Colnago V3R-S

The Colnago monocoque frame ready to make your dreams come true

Every detail has been studied and developed to obtain the maximum in terms of performance and comfort.

When Colnago created the initial designs for the all new V3R-S it focused on it's experience with the V1-R and the V2-R. Colnago were then able to develop and improve the concepts of lightness and aerodynamics of it's road frames. Today the V3 represents the best of Colnago technology applied to a monocoque frame. V3 is fast on long climbs, in windy plains, on big tours, in stages and the most demanding Granfondo. It is perfect in all situations.

The Design

While retaining some details from the two frames that preceded it, V1-R and V2-R, the V3R-S design has profoundly changed to align with some standards that have consolidated in recent years, not least the possibility of mounting larger tyres - up to 28C. It's lines are extremely clean and boasts excellent aerodynamic qualities together with an unprecedented lightness. V3R-S is available in eight sizes from 42S through top 58S and two version, direct mount rim brakes and disc brakes.

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Brand: Colnago