Spatz “THRMOZ” Deep Winter Gloves

Spatz “THRMOZ” Deep Winter Gloves

Spatz "Thrmoz" Deep Winter Gloves are made specifically for (and developed by) the current Olympic Champion. They are the obvious evolution of our "Glovz" race gloves.

If you are looking for a glove to keep you warm in the depths of winter; you've found it. Super warm with an extra wind layer to deploy when things get biblical.

Engineered in the same silhouette as our "Glovz" race gloves, the new Spatzwear "Thrmoz" feature an extra wind blocking "fold-out" shell which neatly folds away into a hidden pocket on the back of your hand. Enjoy the dexterity and feel of a 5 finger glove then pull out the hidden weapon when you need that extra barrier from the elementz. Ready to sprint? Need to access your tools? Sure. Release the barrier shell and fold it away for later. Another dimension of warmth - at your fingertips...

The "Thrmoz" have a soft comfortable feel, using premium 4-way stretch, thermal material with a soft fleecy lining. The cuff is cut extra long to help to insulate those valuable blood vessels in your wrists and ensure the blood reaches your fingers as warm as it should. As with our overshoes, if you want to stop your radiators freezing; insulate your pipes. This time we have added a top quality YKK zipper on the lower edge of the cuff, to keep things comfortable and easy. The "Thrmoz" integrate perfectly with our Basez2 Base Layers.

Price: £64.99

Brand: Spatz